My first “documented” tutorial. Easy, adorable & afforadable DIY Straw Stands

DIYstrawstandcoverIf you’re anything like me, you are living day to day in a seemingly crazy schedule of daily events and tasks, involving diapers, schedules, cleaning, cooking, mediating, consoling, loving, disciplining, hugging, nose wiping and so on and so on. I have very little time in the day to sit down and dedicate to one single task (of any kind), let alone something crafty. Most of my “free” time happens late at night in the quiet dimness of my house. I recently created an Airplane Party Package for a wonderful little boy living down under in Australia. While trying to photograph and pack up his goodies, I realized I had a few extra straws, and thought.. How could I use these leftovers? This is what I came up with and How I did it!

What You Need:
– 4 paper straws (per stand)
– Hot Glue Gun
– Scissors

To start, simply lay two straws atop each other, as if you were going to make a teepee at a desired height (they don’t have to meet at the VERY top, you can trim the tops off when you’re done. Take a dab of hot glue, and attach the two pieces together.

Next, take your 3rd straw, set it straight up, at a 90′ angle (I have found, that this straw being flush with the table will help prevent it from going anywhere. Attach this piece at the same height you glued the first two straws (It won’t fit perfectly, just do your best to keep it looking straight)

Lastly, You simply attach a straw across the front with your hot glue, hold until cool, and trim the ends. Voila! a super cute, inexpensive way to display your homemade party signage!

iphone 106

I am so happy that you found me in the inner depths of the web, I hope you come back and take a peek at all the stuff I plan on uploading and breaking down in the easiest way possible. EEEk. Hope to see you again! Thanks


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