DIY Fringe Banner – Adorably cheap and easy!

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So, one issue that many have (or at least I do) when throwing a shin-dig is “filling” the space of where I’m having a party. The venue, so to speak. The worst feeling to have is realizing that you spent a ton of time and energy into creating an awesome party full of fun details, but the walls look bare in comparison. If you’re like me, you made a banner or two, pretty lengthy ones, or so you thought…and they hardly fill the length of a wall. But there are some easy and inexpensive ways to fill that empty space with some {SUPER EASY} handmade goodness. Not only can you whip up over 15 feet of this fringe bunting for $1, but once you get going, you can whip up a few sets while catching up on your DVR and doing your late night chocolate binge eating. Or at least that’s what I do.

What You Need:
– 1 pack Tissue Paper (makes around 15ft)
– Hot Glue Gun & Glue
– Yarn or string

Step 1-3: Simply unfold (partially) the tissue paper, and cut strips straight upwards toward the creased end, stopping about an inch-ish. When completed, unfold the tissue lengthwise, and cut up any remaining folded creases.

Step 4-6: Once cut, separate the layers by gently tugging them upwards piece by piece, once they are all separated, lay 2 or 3 of them side by side slightly overlapping the edges of each sheet. (I’ve found that this is the easiest and fastest way to complete this project, Assembly Line Style.)

Step 5-7: Now it’s time to glue. Grab your yarn, glue gun, and a spot on the floor. Apply a long strip of glue along the top of your banner, place your yarn/string right atop your glue. Then apply another strip of glue between the top of your banner and your yarn, fold the top over, covering the yarn, and hold for a second until the glue cools. My technique was to do a full sheet at a time, I had a good rhythm. Make sure you pull your yarn/string slightly taut when you attach it to your paper, so it doesn’t curl back slightly (since yarn has a little give.)

Step 8-10: When you reach the end of one sheet of tissue, slightly overlap it with the next sheet and use a dab of glue to attach them at the top. Once you are finished with your bunting/banner, you will want to store it safely until party day, it is easily {Crinkled}. I just wrapped mine around some cardboard, secured it down, and tucked it away. Easy Peasy!

Please stop by soon to see more easy DIYs that are totally doable in our busy lives.

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