A First Birthday {Big Top} Bash + Free Printables

Circus, Big top, and Carnival themes are so popular and such a fun theme. There are so many directions that you can go by way of styling your party. An adorable little family was celebrating their little ringmaster’s first birthday, and contacted me through my wee little business in North Dakota. Over the next few posts I will share some of the easy creations that I made for this shin-dig.

*I’m about to vent a little, so please bare with me.* I do have to start by noting that the actual party day was so crazy, the weather was terrible for 90% of the set up and party. I live in North Dakota, and a light breeze is 20-25 mile an hour winds, so when it was windy. It. Was. Windy.
We had amazing round tables for guests to sit at with beautiful blue linens, place settings with wooden cutlery and adorable cutlery bags that i made, A gorgeous dessert table backdrop, with tons of paper fans to mimic a circus tent, and nearly a hundred balloons. Not to mention Game booths with awesome homemade games. The issue is, When mother nature hurls constant gusts of 40mph wind for hours, you end up running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to keep things from blowing across the prairie plains. Literally. Tables, backdrops, food, everything, flying through the air. So much time and energy I had put into creating this really AWESOME party, and it all just fell apart.
Despite my frenzied mindset and terrible weather, the party was successful. There was a wonderful clown, a great little petting zoo, facepainting, and carnival games, and an awesome prize table. I however was too busy fighting the wind that I wasn’t able to get pictures of most of the party. So I will share what I {do} have, and Sorry I’ve rambled on for so long. If you’re still with me, thanks.

Here are a few shots of some the decor that was lucky enough to be captured on film 😉 Caramel apples with cute signage & an awesome prize table with some of the typical prizes and other handmade goodies, like homemade mustache crayons, headbands, and bowties.
<circus centerpiece

circus popcorn




So I dug into my dusy computer files, and pulled out some of what I had, retweaked it a little, and made it available to you. It includes some game signs, popcorn labels, bubble wraps and an 8X10 printable. Enjoy. And don’t forget if you share them, credit {Posh Tart}.freecircusprintable. You can download them right {here.} Please let me know if they don’t work! Free Circus Printables
As always, Thanks for taking time to see what I’m up to, I hope you found something that inspires you to go make something. Today! Don’t forget, I’d love to connect with you, comment, e-mail, or message me. Leave me some feedback or just say Hi! The next post will have some Circus themed printables and instructions on how to create your own {Big Top} Circus Party Décor. {Jess}

2 thoughts on “A First Birthday {Big Top} Bash + Free Printables

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