DIY Yarn Tassel Bunting

Tassels are so {In} right now, usually you see them in the light and airy form of tissue paper tassels, (I’ll show you how to whip those guys up later). But recently I was working on some Monsters Inc party décor that was being sent cross-country to Florida for some friends, and I decided to put a different twist on the oh-so popular tassel bunting. It’s super easy and I’ll show you how in just a second. They are super fast to make, and take no skill at all. Seriously. But, yarn is not always the most budget friendly material to use, especially if you have to buy multiple colors. For me, I had already purchased the yarn to make another item of the party, so using the yarn was by far the best use of my craft funds for this party. (And I have to apologize for the picture quality of some of my photos, I had no idea I would be doing this when I made these goodies, and took a picture with my cell phone. C’est La Vie.

What you need:
– Yarn
– Scissors
– something sturdy to wrap your yarn around
(you’ll see, just keep scrolling)

First, you will take your yarn, and wrap around a credit card, CD/DVD case, book, etc. (anything that is appropriate for the length you want your tassels.
*NOTE: yarn is heavy, so if you go with a longer tassel, bear in mind that it be heavier than the usual bunting, know where you plan on hanging it, and have a good quality tape on hand 😉

Once you have a desired thickness (I half-counted and would say that I wrapped it about 17-20 times per tassel, it takes about 10 seconds, seriously.) slide off the card, keeping it’s shape in tact, (I recommend working assembly line style, and wrapping a bunch before moving onto the next step, it makes a difference on your time.)

Take a LONG piece of yarn (the length you want your bunting to be, at least). This is what you will attach all your tassels to.

Next you simply feed your long yarn through your circles. Then you just going tie around the top of the yarn circle, close to your “long yarn,” to create the top of your tassel. (Just tie them with a simple knot, and make a mental note that the “knotted” side will be the back of your bunting.)


Then you simply trim the ends of your “tied piece”, cut the bottom of your “yarn circles”, and trim the remaining ends. Et Voila! You’re done! You can separate them as far or as close as you’d like. Another easy peasy party project. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the décor made for this DIY Monsters inc party and some free themed printables {here}. Hope this sparks someone’s poshtart potential. Please feel free to connect with me, I know I’m new here in the blogosphere, but would love to hear from you! {Jess}

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