Easy {DIY} Circus Themed Centerpieces

DIYCircusCenterpieceSo in my last post, I detailed the craziness that ensued on the day of this Big Top Bash, But despite the bad weather and frenzy, There were still some bright spots. I was totally surprised at the feedback I received in regards to centerpieces I made for the tables, each one different and unique. Because I didn’t know that I would be starting this blog, I didn’t take pictures of me {doing it myself}. But it was so easy, so I will simply explain how they’re made.

What You Need:

– Boxes (various shapes/sizes)

– Paint (cheap acrylic craft paint will do)

– Tape (I used regular scotch tape)

To make the bases of my centerpieces, I simply purchased craft cardboard boxes, in a few different shapes and sizes from my local craft store, we have a national chain in my hometown, and they regularly cycle their sales, week from week, and price most sale items 30-50% off. If you have a store that has similiar pricing deals, ask an employee what week specific departments go on sale, they usually know off the top of their head and are happy to help. So I paid anywhere from $1-3 per box and bought 4 of them. box

I also purchased the cheapest brand of craft paint I could find, usually they run from just under a buck to about $5, these also go on sale 50% at the craft store I shop at. I bought four colors, black, white, red, and light blue.

My plan was to remove the lids, paint them in different styles and patterns, and place them under the boxes to create a little elevation variation. Once i got home, I started pairing the “lids” with the “boxes” that I liked.
Next I painted a Base color onto all of the boxes and lids, Then scotch tape was used to create patterns on the boxes that I liked, then I applied a new color, let dry and peeled the tape off. For most of the polka dots I just used q-tips and a spinning motion. I alternated color patterns and styles to make each box unique.

I found the plastic animal toys in the dollar bin at WalMart, and painted them with metallic gold spray paint.


They’re adorable. I also, used recycled spaghetti sauce and mason jars, filled them with peanuts, and placed pinwheels and flags inside. I think they turned out great in comparison to how little it cost to make them.

I’d love to see your version! Hope this sparks some creative ideas for your next big top bash. And don’t forget, I’ve posted a few free printables from this party, you can find them {here}. Thanks so much for checking it out!


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