DIY scrapbook paper Christmas Tree

Another set of trees made for a local photographer, she’s amazing and definitely worth following on facebook, or on her website. They are so simple to make, and have a great flare to them with the structural look that using paper gives.

What You Need:
– A hot glue gun (that’s my preference, it’s strong, fast, and cheap)
– A cone or DIY Paper Cone
– Scrapbook Paper (I used 12×12 sheets, and used the thicker cardstock version, but could use either.) Depending on the size your tree, you will need anywhere from 3-8 sheets
– *optional* printout of the tree shapes to trace. Right here ——> treetracer

Ok, so first step, trace (or hand cut) this simple shape (Not sure what it would be called :S ) But you will cut a lot of them, I’d start with the few biggest sizes and work your way down to the smaller ones as you complete your tree. You will need a lot more of the big ones than the little ones. Once you have your pretty half shapes cut, curl up the ends using either a pencil, glue stick, crayon, screwdriver, or whatever else you have that’s handy. Easy enough.
Second Step, Glue the right top corner of your first piece to your tree, leaving the left side unglued. (making sure the bottom of your curled paper is parallel to the table (or whatever work surface). You will want to attempt to keep your layers nice and level.), next glue the entire length of the next piece slightly overlapping the first. You will do this the entire circumference of the tree.

When you get to the last piece in completing each layer, simply give your paper piece a small horizontal tear around the midway point, you will tuck in the flap and secure it with glue. Doing this to the first and last piece of each layer will make your tree look just as beautiful in the front as it does in the back. Then you simply move up a little and start again. (find a spacing that you like, and make sure you stick to it throughout each layer of your tree) As you move up the tree, you will find that the paper starts straightening out and losing its pretty curl, you will want to start the next size smaller when this happens.

When you’ve reached the top of your tree, you will simply cut a cone shape with a rounded bottom, and wrap it around the top of your tree. Like so.
Add a pretty embellishment and You’re Done! And I bet they look amazing! Now I do have to warn you, this set of trees is more time consuming than the ruffled ones, (you can find them here). So find a comfy spot and catch up on your DVR or Netflix. It will be worth it when you’re done!

I hope that all made sense :S and I hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with festive DIYs and lots of family love. I know I don’t have much on my blog yet, but I’m working away (when the kids will let me) to post more cool DIYs and party awesomeness. So stay tuned. ❤

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