DIY Suitcase Favor Boxes

I made up a template to create easy suitcase/luggage favor boxes for my nephew’s airplane themed birthday party last year. They are easy to print, cut and assemble.

Here are the easy instructions and free printable template!


What You Need
– 2 pieces 8.5×11 pieces cardstock quality paper per suitcase (I chose brown)
– 1 piece 12×12 paper in accenting color for handles and accent stripes.
– Free Suitcase Favor Box Template
– glue (I recommend hot glue/gun)

First, you will print the template onto your cardstock (don’t forget two sheets per box) or you can print one copy and hand trace them. Then you simply cut out along the outside of the template shape, I usually place my scissors right inside the printed line, but that’s just a preference. Once cut, you will fold along the lines dictated on the template. (fold inwards toward the side of the paper that you printed on, this will be the inside of your box)

Next you take your small flap on your first piece of the suitcase, add some glue and line it up with the {Big} side of the 2nd piece. You will do this to both sides, making the suitcase enclosed on the sides.

Next, take your bottom flaps, apply a little glue and secure them upwards to the “bottom” side of your suitcase, make sure as you adhere them you keep the rectangular shape of your box, glue the second side flap, and you should have a free standing, fully functioning little box.diysuitcasefavorbox3

You’re almost done! Now, take that 12×12 piece of paper, and cut strips the entire length of it, one strip per side of the suitcase. Just make sure your strips are equal in width, mine are 1/2 in-ish. Glue one side of the strap as shown, fold over and glue the other side of the strap to the suitcase, flip the whole thing over, and do it again. Ta Da. You’re done, and I’m sure they are adorable!
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