An Adorable DIY Monster Inc Banner


The Monsters Inc photos shown in a previous post were taken from my phone months ago, simply to show some {party people} their awesome goodies that I was about to mail out for their daughter’s birthday party. Needless to say, I wish I would’ve taken better photos. But I had no idea I would be doing THIS. So I’ve recreated this super adorable and inexpensive banner that I made for her party! And here’s how!

What You Need (to Make 5ft-ish of Banner) iphone 082
2 pieces 8.5×11 Blue/teal Paper
– 2 pieces 8.5×11 Green Paper
– 1 piece purple & 1 piece light green paper
– Yarn or string
– Hot Glue/Gun
– 6 large Googly Eyes
– 2in circle punch
(not necessary, But super useful!)

and DON’T FORGET – you can download my Simple Triangle Banner Template

First, print the banner template onto your 4 pieces of blue & Green Paper, Cut out your banner pieces (Inside the black line, so there is none seen on your final product), And fold over the tops, indicated by the dotted line)
monsterbanner1 (2)

Next, Line up your banner pieces upside down, get your yarn or string, and glue gun. Spread some glue along the crease and along the top of the flap on your banner pieces, Butt your yarn up into the crease, fold down your flap and pull a little snug and upwards on the ends.

Now you simply repeat those steps, alternating colors and keeping equal spacing between each banner piece.

Once your banner is assembled, it’s time to dress it up. Grab your circle punch, if you don’t have one, grab your scissors, and something round to trace. Cut circles in your purple (and light green) paper. Then you can cut your circles into sections.
Take your semi circles and place them in a cute “polka-dot” fashion on your blue banner pieces.
monsterbanner41 (2)

For the Green, all you need is a circle and googly eye to top it off.


And just because she was such an adorable little STINKER while I was trying to work, here’s my little lady, having a little fun with my banner, Good thing it’s Easy durable, and Cheap!! 😉

I hope this helps give you a little creative spark for celebrating your little monster! I’d love hear from you! comments are so lovely!

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