DIY Giant Paper Flowers


One year ago, I was lucky enough to connect with an amazing local photographer. Her name is Erica McCauley, she is inspiring and I truly admire her as a woman, mother, advocate, friend, and business woman. Erica McCauley Birth Photography is where you can find her, I have been fortunate enough to create all sorts of props and goodies for her, she was one of my first clients and continues to keep me busy.

Her sweet baby girl was going to celebrate her birthday, and instead of ordering a “party Package” from my small craft business (Purely Posh ~ Paperie & Events), she decided that she wanted a Giant Paper Flower Wall Backdrop. You may have seen various versions floating around pinterest and wedding sites, they are becoming quite popular and trending all over the place.

I had no clue where to start, and after looking at a LOT of paper flowers online, checking out techniques, some easier than others, most involving floral wire and tape.

I decided to give it a go myself, I created my own method, which involved no tracing, wires, or special tape of any kind. Which is a big bonus, because the budget we discussed was quite small.

I made this entire flower wall using about six reams of copy paper, (yes regular copy paper), Hot glue, and six 3 ftx4ft foam sheets. Once I figured out a {flower building method} that worked well for me, I used the basic process for all the flowers, and simply created different petal shapes as I went.

*Update: I have created a post with a little more info on constructing the actual wall, and creating different flowers using this same technique. Check it out {HERE}!

Today I will show my basic technique, and some petal shapes. I do have to warn, these are a bit time consuming, I found myself, cutting (and cutting and cutting) petals while sitting in the bathroom as the kids bathed, Curling petals amidst playing “store” with my 3 year old and so on. Random piles of cut and curled petals could be found in almost every room of my house for a solid week. After the cutting and curling, the actually assembly of each flower takes about 20 minutes. I’d hammer out about 4-5 a night before calling it good until the next day. Onto the DIY!

What you Need
– Paper (Can use cardstock, I used regular copy paper to keep the budget small, and it turned out great!
– Hot Glue/Gun
(If you are making a single flower, a piece of yarn or string can be attatched to the back to enable it to hang on a wall.)

First: Cut your petals! (Cut petals of your desired shape in graduating sizes) Cut through as many pieces of paper as you can at once without giving yourself carpal tunnel. You will need a lot, and they DON’T need to be perfect! (These are two easy shapes I used for my flower wall, Today I will DIY the flower with the petals on the left.)

Next: Take a glue stick or pencil and curl the ends. Once curled, fold the bottoms of your petals upwards and cut a slice through the center of your folded paper.

Once you’re all curled, cut, and ready to go. Take a piece of paper & cut it into a circle, this will be the bottom base of your flower.
Take your first (largest size) petal, add glue to the bottom of your paper flap, and glue the flap to the your circle. ***You will slightly overlap the “flap” pieces, creating a slight cinch at the base of your flower. If you want stiffer petals, that stand up tall, you will make a larger overlap.***

Then you take a second petal and do the same, so on and so forth, until you have completed a full circle. On the last petal in your first layer, give a slight tear to the side of the petal and tuck it behind the very first one you attatched to your base. Add a dollop of glue to secure.

Now *This is Important*! If you plan on having your flowers mounted on something vertical, like a wall, you will need to add a tish of glue {behind} the petals where they overlap eachother, this will help keep your flower from being sad and droopy, or atleast when you’re using cheap copy paper like I was. This step can be skipped after the first one or two layers, because the petals are much stiffer as you get towards the center of your flower.

Once Secure, continue onto the next layer. Repeating the same steps as the first. (As you work your way through layers of petals, you may want to move your “fold” where the flaps begin, a little further up the petal, that way, the petals {look} like they are graduating in size through the flower, you don’t have to cut more than 3 or 4 size petals.
After a few layers, move to the next size petal, continuing through the whole flower this way.

Once you’re in the center of your flower, take your remaining small petals, cut the “flap” ends into a teardrop-y points, now you simply roll one like a little cone to start, secure with glue, then take the next and try to wrap it in a {Pretty} way, secure with glue, and do another, etc.

Take your little cluster of petals, cut the bottom piece off, leaving a flat piece, Add a good amount of glue, and simply press into the center of your flower, HOLD it until the glue is dry to ensure that is positioned how YOU want it.

Flip it over, trim your cirucular paper bottom, & attach a string if you’d like to hang it on your wall. For my backdrop, I simply glued the flat bottom to my foam pieces.

Here’s the finished product hanging on my wall at home, I know that the wall color and flower combo are atrocious together, but it’s the only spot I had in my house to hang it up in the middle of the night!

Voila! That’s IT! I know this has been a little long, and so is the process of building these pretty petals. But the end result is AMAZING! So don’t let that discourage you, They are Easy!! If you are interested in learning how I made the other styles of flowers seen on the backdrop wall, or even turned it into a “wall”, Please let me know! Leave me a comment or message me directly! I have no problems sharing more, they are just so darn time consuming to make if nobody is interested.
Before I say Adios, here are a few more shots with the flower backdrop, if you want to see more of her beautiful images check her out {HERE} .


Flower Backdrop Wall

If you’d like to learn more about how I created this wall, don’t forget you can check out the updated post


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