DIY Simple Paper Fans

As I started tip-toeing through my first creative ventures, I continued to find inspiration in the way that others were using these paper fan “thingys”, Since then I have seen them referred to as Pinwheels (even though they are not traditional pinwheels), Paper Fans, Paper Starbursts, Paper Medallions, so on and such forth.
During my first attempt I found a tutorial that had me meticulously punching holes in each folded layer of paper, then stringing yarn through each hole, pulling tight and tying off. After about four of these, I KNEW there had to be an easier way.
I know i’m not the first to have figured out a simpler method, and although I couldn’t find a way around the {time consuming} process of actually folding these bad boys, once completed they are super sturdy and can be used in so many ways.

What You Need
– Paper (I like 12×12 scrapbook paper, simply because of the size, but anything works. *Side Note* folding a thicker cardstock makes things a little tougher, Go with a regular thickness paper if you’re making a lot of these Paper Fan-mi-jiggies!)
– Hot Glue/Gun (low/mid temp is fine!)
I made these orange guys for a set of Airplane Birthday Party decor that was being sent all the way to Australia. Hence the Airplanes.

First, you will cut your paper into long strips, equal in width.
(Keep in mind, the width of your paper strip fan will be equal to two paper strips side by side.) For these ones in particular, I folded a 12×12 into quarters, and trimmed the creased edges of each side, leaving me 4 strips of paper. Enough to make 2 pinwheely medallions. Next, you simply fan fold your strips, trying to keep them somewhat straight and equal, it doesn’t have to be perfect, Trust me!
*The bigger your medallion, the more strips you will need*

Once all your strips are folded, you are going to take the edge of strip #1 and glue it to the edge of strip #2. You will do this for both ends of each strip, leaving it enclosed when you’re finished.

Once you’re done gluing strips, you’re going to take a piece of paper, it doesn’t have to be pretty or even match. Apply some hot glue to your scrap paper, and gently, pushing the outer edge of your fan downwards, adhere it to your scrap paper, this will create your circle. ***The glue is still warm at this point, you will need to push the outer edges of your circle inwards and the middle down until the glue is cool enough to hold secure the “fan” nice and straight.

Once cool. you may have to apply a bit of glue right into the center of your fan. Hold secure until cool, and Voila, Easy Peasy. You can leave them plain, dress them up with some sort of embellishment, used some distinctive patterned paper. There are so many ways to make them your own.

Here are a just a few small projects I was inspired to use them on in the past!

I am so thrilled You stuck around, I truly hope I could help inspire you in some way or make an upcoming project a {tish} easier! I also would LOVE you to connect with me, I am SUPER new here, and would love to hear from YOU!

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