DIY Star Wars Birthday Banner + Free Printables

Star Wars DIY birthday Banner

Here is an easy and free DIY for the Star Wars lovin’ Birthday kid in your family. I made it for a recent client for her son Jacob. Here is my DIY and free Happy Birthday portion of the banner. (UPDATE! I’ve also included per request, a full alphabet that you can download to spell out names or phrases of your choice!)

(You can find the links to the downloadable content in the second to last paragraph near the end of the post.)

What you Need
Starwars Happy Birthday Banner Printed out on white cardstock preferably, but if you have a teensie budget, regular copy paper will do, but I definitely encourage a thicker paper.
– Yarn or String of some kind
– Black cardstock/paper (also not necessary, I just think it adds a big finished quality to the banner)
– Hot Glue/Gun

First step: Print off your Banner pieces and cut out, I trim in the center of the Blue Outline, leaving the tops of the pieces uncut. Once cut, fold the tops over all of the pieces.

After cutting and folding all your banner pieces, apply glue to the back of your piece and attach each of them to your black paper. You will want to keep the black paper flush with the top of your banner piece (where your fold is). starwars2

Once attached to the paper (it should look like this) simply cut them out, leaving a tish of black trim around the edges. starwars3

Once you’ve cut your pieces (again), arrange them in the right order, and lay them out side by side (if you are looking at the backs of them, like I am in the picture, make sure the beginning of word is on the right hand side, so it is in the correct order when you turn the whole thing around.
iphone 098

Now, you simply place some glue in the crease of your banner {flap}. Butt your yarn up into the crease & glue. Add a little more glue to the flap, fold it down and secure it. Then, like a crafty assembly line, just work your way down the length banner, repeating the same easy steps and keeping your pieces equally spaced. starwars4

Here’s my finished product. So Easy!!

starwars birthday banner


I made my banner into three separate strands, one strand for each word, then I made these simple paper fans to use as pretty “end” pieces and cover up any tape used when hanging the banner.
I included the darth vader images in the pdf file, in case you want to make them yourself.

You can see my simple tutorial for paper fans {here} and make your own

Please feel free to download all the goodies. And remember they are for personal, non-commercial use only! If you like them however, please feel free to share them on your social media platform of choice so others can take advantage of them also!

 Starwars Cupcake Toppers & Snack Bag Labels

Starwars Happy Birthday Banner.

Star Wars Banner (entire Alphabet)

Numbers for Star Wars Banner

free star wars party printables

I HOPE somebody is able to get use out of this cute star wars themed party decoration set! And the best part? It’s super cheap! and by cheap, I mean free!

PLEASE feel free to connect with me, or leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you! Especially if this benefitted your shin-dig in some way!

May the Force be with you party people!

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10 thoughts on “DIY Star Wars Birthday Banner + Free Printables

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  2. Oh my goodness you have saved me! My son’s 5th birthday party is a Star Wars theme and these printables are PERFECT! Thank you for making them available!

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  4. HI, I really like your banner and would like to get them printed but not sure on how to get the file to take to my printers. Thank you

    • Hi Jenny for some reason I never saw this message, I hope it all worked out for you, the files should be able to upload in adobe reader (which you can download for free) there is a printer icon within adobe once you’ve opened the document.

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