DIY Cardboard Owl Ornaments

DIY cardboard Owl Ornament
Hello! So back in May of 2012, I planned and styled a “Night Owl” themed Master’s Graduation Party/Open House. The Budget I had was {teensy tiny} and I mean smaller than you’re guessing.. The graduate really wanted to have a nice favor for guests to take home, she found a cute owl ornament made using corrugated cardboard. She found it on pinterest (as most do) but I was unable to find a tutorial. So here is my SUPER SIMPLE version.

What You Need
– Cardboard (I used part of an old box = Free)
– Hot glue/gun
– String/Yarn…thread, shoelace, whatever you have! 😉 (to hang the ornament)
– Paper for the Beak (I used yellow scrap paper)
– Embellishments of some kind for the eyes (I used faux rhinestones from the craftstore, you could use buttons, beads, paper, whatever!)

Ok, First things first. Depending on how many ornaments you’re making, you’ll need to cut your cardboard. If you can cut them into LONG strips, you can save yourself an extra step. You will need two sizes of strips, one for the eyes and one for the body. A guestimate – My eyes are about 1/2 inch and the body is inch-ish. But totally Up to you!
DIY Owl Ornament tutorial

Once cut, apply a little glue to the end of one of your strips, and tightly roll it. I applied a strip of glue down the cardboard to help keep it rolled tightly and secure it as I went.
DIY Owl Ornament 2

As you can see, I didn’t cut my strips long enough to finish the body of the owl in one roll, I had to attach a new piece and keep going. Once you’re at a desired size, complete the same steps for your “eye” strips.
DIY cardboard Owl Ornament tutorial
****Make sure that you are keeping one side of your owl even and flush, (I recommend figuring out which side is cut more straight, and use that as the owl’s front, Keep the edge of your cardboard rolls even and flat.****

Once you have your eyes and body rolled, cut a piece of paper into a small triangular shape and roll into a cone. Glue your eye pieces together, side by side, and then on the underside of your eyes, glue on your beak.
DIY Owl Ornament 4

Take your eyes/beak, apply some glue to the bottom of them and attach to your owl body. Next, cut your wings and attach to the side of your owl. (I would sketch/cut one wing that you like, and use it to trace & cut the remaining. especially if you are making more than one or two ornaments.)
DIY Owl Ornament 5

You’re Almost Finished! I recommend using a pair of scissors, pen, toothpick, to help with this step just because I think my fingerprints are missing due to hot glue gun incidents, and I want to preserve your fingers. Apply a generous amount of glue right behind your “eyes”, take a knotted string/yarn and place the knot in the glue, use your sharp tool, I use scissors and push the knot into the little space between your owl’s eyes, Then apply more glue vertically up the back of the eyes, and press your yarn into it.
DIY Owl Ornament 6

Add your embellishments of choice onto your owl’s eyes, And Voila! you have a Homemade, Recycled, adorable, and practically FREE ornament, favor, or easy small holiday gift.

DIY rolled cardboard owl ornamentsThe quality of this photo is not great, of course my camera flash burnt out that day, in a poorly lit room. C’est La Vie!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has such a happy holiday season, and please, I’d love to connect with you! so feel free to leave this newbie some feedback, comment, or just to say hello! I’d appreciate it! 🙂


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