DIY Simple No-Sew Rosettes


So this post is an extension of the {DIY wrapped number} I made for a recent pink & gray first birthday party. To embellish my number I made simple rosettes out of some scrap fabric I had sitting around. I have used this method to make rosettes for lots of different projects of many sizes. You can use fabric, or use the same technique with ribbon to make ribbon rosettes. At the end of the post I’ll share a few ways I’ve used this simple technique to create rosettes for various projects. I am going to keep this short and simple!

What you Need
Glue (hot glue/gun is recommended)
– a circular shape to use as the back of your flower.

First, you’re going to cut a strip of fabric (or take some ribbon). If using fabric, I like to fold over “cut” edges by using a little glue and folding the sides over to secure. *It does not have to look perfect!*

Once your strip is glued, simply start twisting it, take one of your circles, apply some glue to the center of your circle, secure the end of your fabric to the glue, and continue to twist. As you twist, you will you apply a bit of glue along your circle, and just keep twisting and wrapping. It takes about 40 seconds. And Poof!

Lastly, simply trim around the edge of your rosette and adhere it to whatever lovely item you’re embellishing.


Here are a few other ways I’ve used this simple tutorial in the past. Embellishing signs and creating clouds on rainbows! The clouds were made with white fabric and made GIANT size, and the sign at the bottom has an example of rosettes made from ribbon. 🙂
DIY rainbow
diy sign
Thanks for stopping By! I hope you can go make something Lovely today!

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