A Baby Sprinkle {on a budget, of course}

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Due to unforeseen “bumps in the road” i had to take a small hiatus. But i’m back, with lots to share! I was lucky enough to ring in January with a Baby Sprinkle held for a soon to be THIRD time mom! She wasn’t sure if she “needed” a celebration, but they weren’t planning on #3, and had purged a lot of their baby stuff a while back, they needed to restock, and I firmly believe in everyday celebrations, so of course i insisted that this occasion definitely called for a party! She allowed me to do what i pleased, which was a bonus, because as I’ve mentioned before, I have a LOW budget, out of necessity, and have very little money to spend on anything fun, let alone parties for friends. But in the end, as far as all the decor goes, games, and cake go, I spent around $100. My specific list included colored cardstock (to make the heart banners and more, 3 3 1/2 yards of fabric, white crepe paper, about 9 packs tissue paper & 3 rolls yarn (Both in gray, pink and light pink), and then smaller accessories like glitter heart stickers, ribbon, and paper straws. I did have a stock of paint and dollar store picture frames etc, so there was definitely stuff i didn’t need to purchase. I encourage you to try to work with what you have, it can make a big difference cost wise.

The mom to be paid for the catered food from the venue, which was a fixed rate to reserve the room. On the menu, assorted bagels with cream cheese, Bagel sandwiches, Chicken and dumplings, Lemonade/Water, and then Cakes, cupcakes, and cakepops. There were around 30 guests and was overall a big success i’d say 🙂

We’ll Start with the sweets table.
Sprinkle Hearts Dessert Table Backdrop

The Backdrop was made with the side of a cardboard box used for my parents patio furniture (I hoard huge boxes in my basement for occasions just like this! It’s free, sturdy and usually if they are big boxes, are nice and flat.) I simply Glued fabric to the back side of it, around the edges, pulling the fabric nice and tight, and then glued my banners right on top of it. Easy Peasy!

Tassle Bunting

The Tassles were made from a few sections of each pack of tissue paper, and i used the remaining lace/ribbon that i had from wrapping my milk bottles left over, so i used it to wrap around the tops of the fringe to add a nice little touch.


/the cupcake toppers, are simply hearts that I traced and hand cut and glued to toothpicks.

The bottles were wrapped in cardstock and some lace/ribbon trim that found at the craft store, along with some paper straws adorned with more cardstock flags and glitter heart stickers that i found in the Valentine’s Day aisle… somewhere..

I used extra yarn poms from my centerpieces and turned them into a cake topper.



For the tables and centerpieces, I made a no-sew table runner, and when i say no-sew, I mean that I hot-glued it. As i do everything 😉 I used Tissue and Yarn to make flowers and little poms to use as centerpieces. and I put them in leftover glass jars of all kinds. some were bought previously at craft stores (usually the most expensive) or the dollar store, some are jelly and other food jars… Oh and don’t forget the thrift store! I glued them to bamboo shish-kabob skewers and sticks from my backyard that i painted white. I also used some wooden cutlery that i had leftover from another party, I cut out and glued some pink paper, scalloping and adorning with a yarn pom, of course.









No shower would be complete without a few games and/or activities. We had some tame ones, we knew our audience, and figured it to be the best 😉 We played “Don’t Say Baby”, “Baby ABC’s”, & “Points in Your Purse”.  There was also a Letter to mom & baby station and a Photo booth. I am going to make a printable version of all the games and signage available this week.


DSC_0542 DSC_0548 DSC_0544

No Shower is complete with a pretty space to open gifts. Yet another backdrop made for cheap! the backdrop and the letters are cut out of cardboard, I used the same ruffle technique as in my Ruffle Christmas Trees, but this time in a straight line. It took me 1 1/2 rolls of crepe paper and a few hours to get the entire thing covered. Draped some heart bunting over it, and wrapped my cardboard letters with yarn. Cost me under 7 dollars and looks great.

DSC_0539 DSC_0556 (3)


Mom to be and Big sister to be Pins I made for the guests of honor. Tissue paper, simple no sew rosettes and washi tape on toothpicks with a heart sticker. Simple!!
DSC_0533And per usual, I have to run and take care of the kidlets. (they are so darn needy 😉 ) I will post the rest of this sprinkle with the free printables in my next post!  Thanks so much for stopping by! I can’t wait to show you the rest. Darn kids.

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