DIY {Ribbon Flower} Party Centerpieces

DIY Ribbon Flower Centerpieces

I received a message from a lovely mommy, who was wondering how I made the party centerpiece that she saw in this Equestria Girl Post. It was super simple and as always, inexpensive.

What you need
Ribbon (I used scrap ribbon in various colors, sizes, and textures)
wooden dowels/Bamboo Skewers (I use skewers because they are .99 for a 200 at my local grocery store, Way cheaper than the local craft store)
Hot Glue/Gun
Some sort of Glass Jar (I used a candy dish that lost it’s lid tragically a few months ago)
Craft paint (I used the .99 basic acrylic craft paint found at any craft store
Foam/Floral Foam (I used regular foam from some old packaging, and the sharp ends of the skewers poked right through perfectly, but floral foam is much easier to work with at times. Up to you!)
Paper or “filler” – to place in the top portion of your jar. (I fan folded my own and cut it into strips. Easy Peasy.)

For the jar, Simply clean and dry the inside and then Squirt in some paint of your choosing. I’ve seen other posts that say to just simply set it upside down and let it drip down, I have found that if you give it a little nudge, it can speed up the process. My technique is titled “the Heinz ketchup Bottle Technique” Gently tap your glass a little bit this way and then a little that way… up, down, all around. You get the idea. Once you have a more even coat, set it upside down and let it dry. Once it is dry enough to stop dripping, you can flip it over to speed up the process a bit.
Painting inside Glass Jar

Next come the flowers. First, get your ribbon, determine the size of your “petals” and cut a few strips of the same length.
DIY ribbon flower

You’re going to place a little dollop of glue and form your first petal, then you’re going to take your next strip of ribbon, layer it slightly over the initial petal and glue, forming your second petal. Continue the entire way around your flower.
DIY Ribbon Flower Centerpiece

I don’t have a picture of this step, but I followed the exact same process of making rosettes as I do HERE, and then glued one to each side of the ribbon flower. You can embellish them further by gluing on some buttons or faux rhinestones etc.
DIY easy ribbon flowers

Once your flowers are completed, it’s time to attach them to your sticks. I open up the center, apply a decent amount of glue, and stick in your dowel (or whatever you’re using), hold steady until the glue cools and secures, et voila! You’re ready for the next step.

Stick some foam in your jar, adjust your flowers in a way that appeals to you, cover the top of the foam with some crinkly paper or other pretty filler, and you’re done!
easy diy party centerpiece

For this specific one I used a cupcake topper printable and wrapped some pretty string around my glass jar. Then I indulged in some chocolate and called it a day!

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