DIY No-Sew Fabric Flowers

DIY no sew flowers

There are so many variations and methods to make your own pretty petals. I’ve already done my tutorial on Giant Paper Flowers, Here is a version of no-sew fabric flowers, they would be great glued to a headband or pin. I used mine in a faux floral bouquet, which I will be showing a tutorial on soon, so don’t miss it!

What You Need
(for just the flowers)
– Fabric (for the flower and if you’re covering a button like I did, another color)
– Button
– Hot Glue/Gun (you could also use a needle and thread if you wanted a more flexible flower)

First, Cut your fabric into circles. I traced a sippy cup lid for mine. Go figure 😉
diy fabric flower

Fold a circle in half, place a small bit of glue, and quickly fold over again, pressing firmly on the spot of glue, so that it holds through all the layers of fabric. You will need 8 of these per flower.

Now take an extra circle (slightly smaller than your original petal size) and glue 4 folded petals onto the circle, using as little glue as possible, this will keep your flower from being TOO stiff.

Now you are going to repeat the same steps with a second layer of petals.

Now depending on how you like your flower and/or what you’re using it for, you may want it to have a little “body” and not lay so flat. If that’s the case then follow the next step, if not, secure the circle on the back of your flower with glue and move onto the next step.

I wanted my flower to be a little fuller, since it was going in a “bouquet.” So when I finished with my petals, and applied glue to the back of my circular piece of fabric, I slightly cinched a small portion of it, and held it securely until the glue cooled and dried. This helped give my flower a little more shape. If you are using a needle and thread instead of glue, you shouldn’t have that problem.

Lastly, I simply covered a button with some felt, you could use regular fabric, or just a plain button (all I had on hand was pink… and that was not going to work!) I just cut a small piece of felt, applied glue to my button, and tightly wrapped it with the felt. Once done, I glued it to my flower.

So many lovely ideas I have for cute little fabric flowers, I can’t wait to show you how I crafted them into some pretty bouquet centerpieces! But for now, I have to take care of those darn kids. I swear, they have to eat everyday, so needy they are!


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