DIY Crayon Tutorial + free valentine printable

Free Valentine and DIY crayon

I really hate throwing certain things away, simply because I hate spending money on something I had, only because I couldn’t tolerate hanging on to it. I don’t mean stashes of expired yogurt, or thousands of old newspapers, I’m talking bits and pieces of craft supplies mostly.  I had a big ol’ bag of  worn down crayons, they were definitely on their last leg.  Here’s a great way to breathe new life into those sad wax nubs.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to turn those old crayons into a new awesome crayon that any kid would be happy to color with.  I have a mustache mold that I specifically bought to make these crayons as favors for a “Little Man, Mustache Bash”.  This time, I created a valentine for my son to give to his cousins with the crayons. After the tutorial, I will include a free printable version of the valentines at the end of the post, just in case you find yourself with a mustache mold also.

What You Need:

Crayons (Stripped of paper)

A silicone tray (I got mine in the party aisle of Hobby Lobby. But have seen them at a few different craft/party stores. Any Shape will do.)

Knife & Oven (I promise, I didn’t let those adorable little fingers near that dangerous knife! :))

iphone 057

First things first, you have to peel your crayons. This can be quite tedious. I used a serrated steak knife to slice the paper and peel off, it made the job way easier. Just don’t cut any fingers off. Please and Thank You.

Once peeled, either cut or break into small pieces. (I recommend chopping) I also recommend sorting your crayons by color, if you mix them all, and don’t pull them out of the oven at exactly the right time, you will have an ugly shade of  brown.)


Once done with your prep work, fill your tray. If you fill the tray full, your finished crayon will be about half of the height once melted.
iphone 061

iphone 062



Pop them in the oven on a low temp, I did mine at 175 degrees (in my toaster/convection oven, for about 20 minutes. Once you see the crayons are completely melted, pull them out and let them start to cool. I end up putting mine in the freezer, because I’m way to impatient. If you leave them in “too long,” now worries, they will still be awesome, but it will be more of one solid color, than little chunks of color throughout.

Wait until they are completely cool before popping them out of your tray. Voila’ You’re done!

DIY crayons

I attached these ones to the valentines I made for my little man. But I have also used them as party favors and prizes multiple times. They are so simple, and usually a HIT with the kids. Plus, they cost me nothing. I used leftover crayons that I would’ve tossed otherwise & just about an hour of my time, while the kids were awake (which is really saying something!)

DIY valentine


I {Heart} them a lot.
DIY Crayons


Here is a blue and pink version of the printable valentines for anyone who may just have some mustache molds on hand.

Free Mustache Valentine Printables

Until next time, Much love All!

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