DIY Burlap Banner with Bird Silhouettes & Easy No-Fray Solution

DIY burlap Banner

So I love the look and texture of burlap, but it can, quite frankly be a pain in the toosh to work with. I am all about saving time and money, and although I consider myself somewhat crafty, I can’t seem to figure out how to rethread my sewing machine for the life of me. So sewing burlap, which I understand to be a tish more difficult, was definitely out of the question. I came up with a super easy solution! seriously. So easy.

What You Need:

– Burlap

– Elmer’s glue/decoupage

– Yarn

– Hot glue & gun

– Fabric – if you plan on dressing it up

First things first, you need to decide how big you want your banner pieces or “pennants” to be. Once you have your “template” cut out, you will lay out your burlap, and trace your template pieces with a marker. (I didn’t do this step, but I recommend it. I wish I would have.)

Take your glue, decoupage, or other clear drying adhesive 😉 and brush it over your burlap, along all the edges of your banner pieces. Let dry and cut out. Easy Peasy.


For this banner, I used bird silhouettes that I hand drew. I traced them onto the back side of my fabric and cut out. I  applied hot glue completely around the outside edge on the backside of bird and carefully placed it onto my burlap, making sure it was nice and flat as I adhered, making sure to press down on the cooling glue, getting it as flat as possible.

DIY Bird Banner

Once done with your pennant pieces completely, grab your yarn, flip over your burlap and apply a strip of hot glue along the top, about a half inch from the top of your burlap. Place your yarn on the glue, and fold the burlap over top of the yarn (you may have to apply another strip of glue over the yarn) Hold tight to secure until your glue cools and move onto the next piece. Remember to try to keep your banner pennants equally spaced as you move through your assembly.


Et voila! you’re done! And I’m positive that it looks amazing! 🙂 Not to mention, your Elmer’s glue/decoupage should be completely invisible yet protect your banner from becoming frayed and worn for a l.o.n.g time to come.  I told you it was easy!

jan 2014 014 (2)

If you have any questions! please let me know! and don’t forget to check out all the other easy and cheap DIY’s on the page, Not to mention the free party printables!


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