DIY No-Sew Felt Flowers

DIY no sew felt flowers

So I love felt, I love the texture, I love that it is stiff yet flexible, comes in all sorts of colors and most of all, is pretty cheap. You can usually get 4 sheets for a buck, and depending on what you’re making, you can usually make a little go a long way.

Another thing I love. Flowers. They also are so versatile. No matter what the theme, event, or occasion, who doesn’t love flowers. But, as beautiful as real flowers are, they can be equally as expensive. here are a few ways I’ve used felt to create some pretty petals. Here’s THREE, Yes three, easy ways to turn your cheap felt into beautiful blooms.

What You Need: (for the flowers themselves)

– Felt (Duh.)

– Hot Glue

– Button (optional for center)

– depending on what you’re using your flowers for, a pretty pin for a sweater, maybe you’re wanting to put some felt flowers on a DIY headband for a little girl in your life. Or you’re going to make a centerpiece or two like me, or a faux wedding boquet?) I’m going to post my complete project soon, but until then, here is how I made some of the individual flowers used.

First of the Three.
DIY Felt flower

You are going to start by cutting circles of the same size, I used four per flower. And a smaller circle for the backside. You are going to add a tish of hot glue to the center, fold. Then Glue, and fold again. Do this to all four of your circles.
DIY felt flower

Once Done, Glue all your pieces side by side onto your backing piece. (I covered a button and glued it to the center of the flower)
diy flowers

Now, You MIGHT be done. It depends what you’re doing with your flowers. If you’re gluing them to a headband or pin, you can stop right there! I was putting mine onto sticks, so I wanted it to sit less flat. If you want to give your flower a little body, you can do as I did, and cinch the bottom, glue, and secure tightly to hold your petals closer together.
diy felt flower

Alright! the next two flowers are assembled the exact same way, but are cut slightly different. We’ll do the easiest first!

Spiral cut some circles, One circle per flower. Take the center of your spiral and glue the center (starting to wrap the felt tightly for the center of your flower). Once the center is glued, apply hot glue to the BOTTOM of your spiral and gently spin your flower while securing your glued area to the back, continuing through the whole flower.

Next up, are my favorite, Now my flowers are NOT perfect, I just cut them freehand, but if you need them to be as perfect as possible, you may want to create your own “template” that you can trace and cut, ensuring that all your scallops are equal. I just trimmed my up once I was finished if I found a funny looking petal.

You’re going to spiral cut some circles again, but this time, you will scallop them. Start at the center, same as the last flower tutorial, and wrap and glue in the same manner.
DIY felt flower

felt flower tutorial

Wowza, I can’t wait to show you the finished product where I included a bevvy of these DIY flowers. If you have any questions, suggestions, or other helpful tips, please let me know! Comments are so lovely to get! 🙂

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