DIY Simple Heart Garland

DIY heart garland
Since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, I figured it’s time to put some sort of décor up in the house. I would’ve simply glued the hearts onto my string (on the back of the hearts). But while cleaning out my “craft room” I found these cute mini clothespins, And I couldn’t find anymore glue sticks. So I improvised. Here’s How.

diy heart bunting

What You Need:
Paper (I used some brown lunch sacks and scrap paper I had on hand)
String (you could use anything from twine, yarn, ribbon, etc)
Mini clothespins

This is so Easy, seriously. Cut out a heart that you like size wise. Trace it onto your paper and cut out.
diy heart garland1

Once cut, simply pin your hearts to your string, spacing evenly throughout. et voila! A lovely heart garland in minutes!

Don’t forget to check out the mustache valentines I made with the kids this year, I included the printable so you can too!


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