DIY Printable – Mini {Thank-You} Gift Bag

DIY Printable Box
I am usually an unorganized hot mess, so when somebody I know, a friend, coworker, neighbor, or so on, does something nice for me, I like to be able to show my gratitude in some small way. I usually don’t have much on hand, And I’ve found through experience, that any gesture motivated by gratitude is appreciated, not so much what the “gift” is.

I had a lovely friend, who did something special for me out of the blue. She found this cute little box on her desk the next day filled with yummy chocolates to show my appreciation. (I’m still undecided, if it’s a bag or box. it could easily be a legitimate bag by punching two holes in the top and stringing through ribbon. It’s constructed like a “bag” but I secured mine shut like a box) I have made the printable bag and cute accessories available to download, for anyone finding themselves in need of small thank you gesture. Just follow the simple DIY, place something lovely or delicious inside and give it to someone special.

What you Need:
– White Cardstock
– Glue/scissors

First, Print off the box template and cut out.
Thank You Favor Box

Next, Fold your box, along the dotted lines, and glue flaps, securing your paper into an actual “bag/box” shape.

Cut and fold your little flag pieces and thank you tag. Place your goodies inside your bag, fold the front flap over and secure. Then arrange and glue your flag pieces over the top of your bag.
To attach the thank you tag, I cut a small square of cardboard, glued the cardboard to the back of the tag and then onto the box. This makes it a little 3-dimensional and totally cute.

DIY Printable Gift Box

Now, your box should be complete! and Adorable! I love having an easy go-to gift box when a best friend does something rad, or a neighbor saves me from a dinner crisis. If there are any issues downloading the box, or following the directions, please let me know! Thanks for Stopping By!

Free Printable Gift Box

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