Motherhood is hard – Here’s a pretty printable to save your sanity.

Free Printable motherhood quote

As anyone with kids knows, motherhood is a constant ride of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. (Usually within moments of each other.) One second, you’re patting yourself on the back for something feeling like super mom, and then plagued with guilt (over anything and everything) minutes later.  You can be filled with complete rage and frustration, only to be belly busting laughing and literally melting with happiness the next.

Today, for me, definitely encompassed this intoxicating and exhausting rollercoaster we call motherhood.  I had to purge my system and focus my “mom” energy on something, therapy so to speak. I love this quote and am such a visual person, that having a little inspiration to gaze upon while working at my desk was just the pick me up I needed. So I created a little something to frame. What led me to the brink of mom-sanity? one tough day, seven dead fish, poop-tastrophes and lots of band aids.

I woke up with my three and one year old, to find all five of our seven fish lifeless on the bottom of the tank. This led to an hour and a half of impromptu fish tank cleaning, rescuing and undertaking all before breakfast. The two fish that survived our sudden underwater apocolypse were not boding well, but we did manage to get them into a big bowl of water where the “sheriff” aka daddy,  did everything but give those damn fish CPR, trying to “revive” them back to health.  Ultimately, one fish jumped out of the bowl and met his sad end our carpeted floor, and the other didn’t live more than a few hours more.

I should’ve known in that moment, I needed to gravel with my kids and convince them we all needed to crawl back under the covers and sleep the day away. Because when the start of the day involves seven dead fish, 2 hours of tedious and mind-numbing tank cleaning with two curious little ones under foot, and a whole list to To-Do’s, you just know, dissapointment awaits.

After the fish incident, we had a few clumsy kid injuries, dog vomit, and what we have now dubbed poop-gate of 2014. Details not necessary.

The only silver lining, I got BOTH kids to nap, at the same time even, it doesn’t happen often anymore, so I appreciate the quiet time like no other. Feeling out of sorts, cranky, (feeling guilty for being cranky), and still suffering from a 4 year run of massive sleep deprivation, I needed a little pick me up. I had no chocolate, or wine for that matter. So what better than to work on something to lift my spirits, keep my mom-sanity in check, and remind me that I’m not alone in this crazy mess called motherhood.

Maybe you could give one to a “mommy” you know who would really benefit from knowing that they are being thought of.  We all know how isolating it can be sometimes.

Free Printable Mother Quote 8x10

You can Download Being A Mother Printable Quote , it is in two sizes, the largest being 8×10 incase you have a lovely frame you’d like to use.

Happy mothering y’all. Stay sane, stay strong, stay sanitized (it is flu season!) 😉


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