A Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party – Free Printable Happy Birthday Banner

Free Printable Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

Hey there party people! It’s early, and I’ve been up since the wee hours of the morning, I fell asleep with the kids last night at “bedtime” (As us tired moms sometimes do) And now am feeling WIDE awake and ready to share some awesome Mickey and Minnie Party Printables.
If you missed the first two posts about the Mickey AND Minnie Shin-dig that I’m working on, you should definitely check out the Party Hats and Mickey Mouse Bunting. This party was designed specifically for a local brother and sister having a “hot-diggity dog” Double party.

Today I’m sharing the free printable version of the Happy Birthday Banner that was made to coordinate with the rest of the printable party goods.

What You Need:
– White Cardstock
– Yarn/string
– Glue (I highly recommend hot glue & gun)
– Downloadable Mickey and Minnie Happy Birthday Banner

It is so easy to assemble, simply print out on white cardstock, cut out along the lines, fold over the top and glue to string (you can follow the simple instructions here.
DIY Mickey Birthday Banner

When you are done you have an awesome and custom Happy Birthday Banner!
Free Printable Mickey Mouse Party Birthday Banner

Adorable! and Easy, Right!? I am just loving clubhouse colors. If the download isn’t working, please let me know, so I can use my mouseketools to fix it! I would LOVE to hear from you if you benefit from this free party! Or see your party goods in action!

Oh Toodles. Time to go nurse the princess back to sleep. Stinker.

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