Free Mickey and Minnie Mouse Straw Flags & Beverage Wrappers

Mickey and Minne Free Printable Drink Wrappers and Straw flags
I’m starting to get this Mickey and Minnie party set wrapped up, but before I share the last few posts, I figure I’ll throw in a {mini} post before I get the final few shared.

Dressing up your drinks is such an easy way to jazz up your party decor. Whether you’re using water bottles, juice boxes, or paper cups. A pretty wrapper and cute straw makes any drink more delicious!

What You Need:
– White Cardstock
– Paper Straws
– Glue
– Drinks of your choice! (obviously)
– Downloadable Mickey and Minnie Beverage Wrappers
– Downloadable Mickey Mouse Straw Flags

For the wrappers, Simply print and cut. Then attach them to your bottle. (I use a Low Temp hot Glue gun)
Free Mickey Mouse Bottle Wrappers

Paper straws are not only adorable, but as of recently a party Must-have. You can find them at most any craft store, in a variety of colors and are usually only a few bucks for two dozen. Customize them with a cute flag and bask in the super-mom glory as your party guests ooh and ahh over you rad party skills.

I have found the Easiest way to cut straw flags to ensure that the ends are even when you glue the two sides together is to cut a straight line flush with the pointy edges of your flags, then cut the remaining long sides of your flag. Free Mickey Mouse Straw Flags

Fold over so your flat ends are even, add some glue and secure to your straw. Trim them up AFTER you’ve attached them to ensure that your ends are pristine and clean. 🙂
Paper Straws and Flags Free Mickey Printable

Free Mickey Party Printable - Bottle Wrappers and Straw Flags

And You’re Done! Easy as pie. Don’t forget to check out all the Mickey and Minnie Printables from the past week. They are (in my opinion) Super Cute! If you’re able to incorporate any of these party printables into your shindig I would LOVE to hear from you! E-Mail me, Leave me a comment below, or follow me on Facebook or Pinterest!

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