An Easy and Inexpensive Mickey and Minnie Centerpiece

So this is the last of the Mickey and Minnie party goods and DIYs that I have to share (for now at least!) My next post will round them all up into one easy to access post!

DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party Centerpiece

This Centerpiece literally cost me less than $5 dollars, and that’s pushing it, I’d be willing to bet my grand total is less than $3, but I have an unfair advantage of an entire craft stash of leftover “craft crap” that I’ve been accumulating for the past year.

But here’s the breakdown of what I used.
– A flower pot from the local Dollar Tree (You could use any sort of container. Then use paint, paper or fabric to cover it.)
– A few sheets of colored paper (for medallions and crinkly filler inside the pot, not that you have to make your own!)
Bamboo Skewers (I get mine at the grocery store for .99/per pack of 200. It’s a good deal!)
– Small square of Floral Foam (Find it at the dollar store!! It’s way more expensive at the craft stores)
– I also used a small bit of white cardstock to print on, pipe cleaners, and a small bit of felt for the buttons on the front.

If you want to download the larger version of the Mickey and Minnie Mouse that I used in this centerpiece you can download Large Mickey and Minnie Heads


First Step: Make some paper medallions, print off some Mickey/Minnie silhouettes and then glue the backs of them to bamboo skewers.
Second: Place your floral foam in your pot and tap into your inner florist by creating a pretty arrangement that is pleasing to the eye.
Third: Curl your pipe cleaners around a glue stick or pencil and place them into your arrangement by wrapping the end of the pipe cleaner around your skewer. Add a tish of glue to keep them secure.
Fourth: Fan fold some paper in the same manner as your paper medallions and snip it into little crinkle pieces. (You can easily buy “filler” at the craft store, but (for me) didn’t solely warrant a trip out in the bitter cold with the little humans that follow me everywhere.)
Fifth: Dump in your filler and cut some ovals out of felt or paper and attach to the front of your centerpiece using glue.
VOILA! You’re Done!

I’m sure yours will be equally, if not more adorable! So much frugality and cuteness wrapped into one awesome centerpiece!

If you are planning a Mickey or Minnie themed party, I’d love to hear from you!? What sorts of awesome DIY’s and party projects are you planning for your event? Have you seen the Free Mickey and Minnie printables I’ve already posted? I think they are pretty cute! Leave a comment and share your thoughts! 🙂

And don’t forget you can check out all the Mickey and Minnie Party goods and printables posted this week right here in a round up post!

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3 thoughts on “An Easy and Inexpensive Mickey and Minnie Centerpiece

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  2. Hi Jessica. I chedked out your site (and left you a message) about the elephant party. I also did those medallions for a Sofia the first birthday party..though I think you way was better, and lollipop sticks to hold them and a picture of Sofia as centerpieces. I could only find pink foam buckets so I painted them purple with nail polish. To make sure they didn’t fall, I used marbles I had from an old fishtank as fillers. I just finished a Minnie mouse birthday party for my baby (2 already) and did some very amazing centerpieces from floral pieces I found at my local Dollar Tree. I can send you pictures if you’d like. LOVING YOUR SITE. I am a mommy of 3 trying to make all their birthdays as special as I can.

    • Liz, Thank you soooo much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. I have been second guessing if the time and energy put into this site is really helping anyone out there! Everyone deserves a special party, but it shouldn’t bring us tired moms (and bank accounts) to our knees. I would LOVE to see your pictures! You can Email me at I am so happy you found the site, “Moms” like you are the reason I started the site, and it truly means so much to know that you were able to get something out of it! Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

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