St. Patricks Day Printable Wine Bottle Wrapper

St Patrick's Day Wine Bottle Label Printable

So today is a mini post, it’s been a long week, and I’m starting to fall behind schedule. The kids have been sick, plus we had to spend the day with my in-laws dying dog  (literally) so she wouldn’t be alone, it was sad. Work is piling up and there is just not enough time in the day. (Not to mention my printer is driving me NUTSO! It keeps leaving terribly annoying lines when I print anything green or blue….grrrr.

Anywho! I have a long time friend, who LOVES St. Patrick’s Day, She has had a rough go of it recently also, so I bought her fave bottle of wine and plan on sharing it with her while venting about life “schtuff.”  It really is a “Lucky We” situation. In it together for another year.  You can download the free printable wine label below. I topped mine off with a homemade tassel and some green paper (you can check out this post to learn how to make simple tassels)

Free Wine Label for St Patricks Day

Here’s the Download: St Patricks Day Wine Bottle Wrapper

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DIY Simple Heart Garland

DIY heart garland
Since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, I figured it’s time to put some sort of décor up in the house. I would’ve simply glued the hearts onto my string (on the back of the hearts). But while cleaning out my “craft room” I found these cute mini clothespins, And I couldn’t find anymore glue sticks. So I improvised. Here’s How.

diy heart bunting

What You Need:
Paper (I used some brown lunch sacks and scrap paper I had on hand)
String (you could use anything from twine, yarn, ribbon, etc)
Mini clothespins

This is so Easy, seriously. Cut out a heart that you like size wise. Trace it onto your paper and cut out.
diy heart garland1

Once cut, simply pin your hearts to your string, spacing evenly throughout. et voila! A lovely heart garland in minutes!

Don’t forget to check out the mustache valentines I made with the kids this year, I included the printable so you can too!


DIY Crayon Tutorial + free valentine printable

Free Valentine and DIY crayon

I really hate throwing certain things away, simply because I hate spending money on something I had, only because I couldn’t tolerate hanging on to it. I don’t mean stashes of expired yogurt, or thousands of old newspapers, I’m talking bits and pieces of craft supplies mostly.  I had a big ol’ bag of  worn down crayons, they were definitely on their last leg.  Here’s a great way to breathe new life into those sad wax nubs.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to turn those old crayons into a new awesome crayon that any kid would be happy to color with.  I have a mustache mold that I specifically bought to make these crayons as favors for a “Little Man, Mustache Bash”.  This time, I created a valentine for my son to give to his cousins with the crayons. After the tutorial, I will include a free printable version of the valentines at the end of the post, just in case you find yourself with a mustache mold also.

What You Need:

Crayons (Stripped of paper)

A silicone tray (I got mine in the party aisle of Hobby Lobby. But have seen them at a few different craft/party stores. Any Shape will do.)

Knife & Oven (I promise, I didn’t let those adorable little fingers near that dangerous knife! :))

iphone 057

First things first, you have to peel your crayons. This can be quite tedious. I used a serrated steak knife to slice the paper and peel off, it made the job way easier. Just don’t cut any fingers off. Please and Thank You.

Once peeled, either cut or break into small pieces. (I recommend chopping) I also recommend sorting your crayons by color, if you mix them all, and don’t pull them out of the oven at exactly the right time, you will have an ugly shade of  brown.)


Once done with your prep work, fill your tray. If you fill the tray full, your finished crayon will be about half of the height once melted.
iphone 061

iphone 062



Pop them in the oven on a low temp, I did mine at 175 degrees (in my toaster/convection oven, for about 20 minutes. Once you see the crayons are completely melted, pull them out and let them start to cool. I end up putting mine in the freezer, because I’m way to impatient. If you leave them in “too long,” now worries, they will still be awesome, but it will be more of one solid color, than little chunks of color throughout.

Wait until they are completely cool before popping them out of your tray. Voila’ You’re done!

DIY crayons

I attached these ones to the valentines I made for my little man. But I have also used them as party favors and prizes multiple times. They are so simple, and usually a HIT with the kids. Plus, they cost me nothing. I used leftover crayons that I would’ve tossed otherwise & just about an hour of my time, while the kids were awake (which is really saying something!)

DIY valentine


I {Heart} them a lot.
DIY Crayons


Here is a blue and pink version of the printable valentines for anyone who may just have some mustache molds on hand.

Free Mustache Valentine Printables

Until next time, Much love All!

DIY Cardboard Owl Ornaments

DIY cardboard Owl Ornament
Hello! So back in May of 2012, I planned and styled a “Night Owl” themed Master’s Graduation Party/Open House. The Budget I had was {teensy tiny} and I mean smaller than you’re guessing.. The graduate really wanted to have a nice favor for guests to take home, she found a cute owl ornament made using corrugated cardboard. She found it on pinterest (as most do) but I was unable to find a tutorial. So here is my SUPER SIMPLE version.

What You Need
– Cardboard (I used part of an old box = Free)
– Hot glue/gun
– String/Yarn…thread, shoelace, whatever you have! 😉 (to hang the ornament)
– Paper for the Beak (I used yellow scrap paper)
– Embellishments of some kind for the eyes (I used faux rhinestones from the craftstore, you could use buttons, beads, paper, whatever!)

Ok, First things first. Depending on how many ornaments you’re making, you’ll need to cut your cardboard. If you can cut them into LONG strips, you can save yourself an extra step. You will need two sizes of strips, one for the eyes and one for the body. A guestimate – My eyes are about 1/2 inch and the body is inch-ish. But totally Up to you!
DIY Owl Ornament tutorial

Once cut, apply a little glue to the end of one of your strips, and tightly roll it. I applied a strip of glue down the cardboard to help keep it rolled tightly and secure it as I went.
DIY Owl Ornament 2

As you can see, I didn’t cut my strips long enough to finish the body of the owl in one roll, I had to attach a new piece and keep going. Once you’re at a desired size, complete the same steps for your “eye” strips.
DIY cardboard Owl Ornament tutorial
****Make sure that you are keeping one side of your owl even and flush, (I recommend figuring out which side is cut more straight, and use that as the owl’s front, Keep the edge of your cardboard rolls even and flat.****

Once you have your eyes and body rolled, cut a piece of paper into a small triangular shape and roll into a cone. Glue your eye pieces together, side by side, and then on the underside of your eyes, glue on your beak.
DIY Owl Ornament 4

Take your eyes/beak, apply some glue to the bottom of them and attach to your owl body. Next, cut your wings and attach to the side of your owl. (I would sketch/cut one wing that you like, and use it to trace & cut the remaining. especially if you are making more than one or two ornaments.)
DIY Owl Ornament 5

You’re Almost Finished! I recommend using a pair of scissors, pen, toothpick, to help with this step just because I think my fingerprints are missing due to hot glue gun incidents, and I want to preserve your fingers. Apply a generous amount of glue right behind your “eyes”, take a knotted string/yarn and place the knot in the glue, use your sharp tool, I use scissors and push the knot into the little space between your owl’s eyes, Then apply more glue vertically up the back of the eyes, and press your yarn into it.
DIY Owl Ornament 6

Add your embellishments of choice onto your owl’s eyes, And Voila! you have a Homemade, Recycled, adorable, and practically FREE ornament, favor, or easy small holiday gift.

DIY rolled cardboard owl ornamentsThe quality of this photo is not great, of course my camera flash burnt out that day, in a poorly lit room. C’est La Vie!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has such a happy holiday season, and please, I’d love to connect with you! so feel free to leave this newbie some feedback, comment, or just to say hello! I’d appreciate it! 🙂


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DIY scrapbook paper Christmas Tree

Another set of trees made for a local photographer, she’s amazing and definitely worth following on facebook, or on her website. They are so simple to make, and have a great flare to them with the structural look that using paper gives.

What You Need:
– A hot glue gun (that’s my preference, it’s strong, fast, and cheap)
– A cone or DIY Paper Cone
– Scrapbook Paper (I used 12×12 sheets, and used the thicker cardstock version, but could use either.) Depending on the size your tree, you will need anywhere from 3-8 sheets
– *optional* printout of the tree shapes to trace. Right here ——> treetracer

Ok, so first step, trace (or hand cut) this simple shape (Not sure what it would be called :S ) But you will cut a lot of them, I’d start with the few biggest sizes and work your way down to the smaller ones as you complete your tree. You will need a lot more of the big ones than the little ones. Once you have your pretty half shapes cut, curl up the ends using either a pencil, glue stick, crayon, screwdriver, or whatever else you have that’s handy. Easy enough.
Second Step, Glue the right top corner of your first piece to your tree, leaving the left side unglued. (making sure the bottom of your curled paper is parallel to the table (or whatever work surface). You will want to attempt to keep your layers nice and level.), next glue the entire length of the next piece slightly overlapping the first. You will do this the entire circumference of the tree.

When you get to the last piece in completing each layer, simply give your paper piece a small horizontal tear around the midway point, you will tuck in the flap and secure it with glue. Doing this to the first and last piece of each layer will make your tree look just as beautiful in the front as it does in the back. Then you simply move up a little and start again. (find a spacing that you like, and make sure you stick to it throughout each layer of your tree) As you move up the tree, you will find that the paper starts straightening out and losing its pretty curl, you will want to start the next size smaller when this happens.

When you’ve reached the top of your tree, you will simply cut a cone shape with a rounded bottom, and wrap it around the top of your tree. Like so.
Add a pretty embellishment and You’re Done! And I bet they look amazing! Now I do have to warn you, this set of trees is more time consuming than the ruffled ones, (you can find them here). So find a comfy spot and catch up on your DVR or Netflix. It will be worth it when you’re done!

I hope that all made sense :S and I hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with festive DIYs and lots of family love. I know I don’t have much on my blog yet, but I’m working away (when the kids will let me) to post more cool DIYs and party awesomeness. So stay tuned. ❤

DIY Ruffled Christmas Trees

So early on in my business as Purely Posh, I connected with an amazing woman and photographer. She had opened her own birth photography business and wanted to create a special “Baby’s First Christmas” Set up for all the babies she witnessed coming earthside that past year. She asked me (and more importantly trusted me) to come through in a big way with helping her create props and banners for her set up in the studio. Her name is Erica McCauley was one of my first clients. And looking back, a year later, I call her my friend, advice giver, business mentor, repeat client, and truly I look up to her in so many ways. You can see her beautiful work {HERE}. I recommend following her on facebook, she has a magnificent way of reminding us mothers how beautiful our journeys are and giving you those warm tinglies.

Any Who! I included a few different sets of trees and coordinating banners for her, that way she could mix and match pieces to make each session different and unique. She wanted to stick to a white/gold/earthy color scheme and had sent me a few ideas to use a jumping off point that she had found around the internet. One of which was ruffled crepe paper trees, the ones I saw were pink and blue and had lots of embellishments. I knew I wanted to do something similar, and without a tutorial to follow, I just learned as I crafted, I am going to show you how simple these guys are to make, and seriously CHEAP!

What You Need:
– A roll of crepe paper (I got mine for $1 In the party section of the dollar store.)
– A cone (or you can make your own like I did with paper, learn how {here})
– Hot Glue + Glue sticks

Seriously guys, It’s so easy. First you place a strip of hot glue a few inches long, across the bottom of your cone, this is where you are going to attach the upper portion of your crepe paper. now as you lay your streamer across your glue, take your thumb and gently push the paper (where the glue is) in the opposite direction just slightly before returning in your original direction, creating a slight ruffle. Once you get a feel for it, you turn into a {ruffling} machine!

When you complete the entire circumference of your tree, just trim the streamer, move up to the next level and do the same thing. Make sure that each level is straight as you’re {ruffling} and begin/end each layer on the same side of your tree (this will be your back, it will still be pretty, but the front is amazing in comparison).

When you get to the top, layer a few pieces of your crepe paper together, cut them into a rounded/half circle-y shape, and wrap the top of your tree with it (rounded end on the bottom) Top with a pretty embellishment or trinket if your heart desires, and You’re done! This small tree took me about a half hour, start to finish, with two cranky kids scurrying around my feet in that pre-dinner meltdown mode that kids seem to ritualize. So all in all, Not Bad!
For Erica, I made three of varying sizes, topped with a wooden gold star, and a light shimmer of gold spray glitter. I made my cones out of 12×12 cardstock (2-4 pieces depending on cones), a roll of crepe paper streamers, and little a time. Such an awesome outcome for such an easy DIY. I hope this helps you create something festive, fabulous, and budget friendly this holiday season! Thank you for stopping By!

Holiday{Heart Hugs} – Jess