A Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party – Free Printable Happy Birthday Banner

Free Printable Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner

Hey there party people! It’s early, and I’ve been up since the wee hours of the morning, I fell asleep with the kids last night at “bedtime” (As us tired moms sometimes do) And now am feeling WIDE awake and ready to share some awesome Mickey and Minnie Party Printables.
If you missed the first two posts about the Mickey AND Minnie Shin-dig that I’m working on, you should definitely check out the Party Hats and Mickey Mouse Bunting. This party was designed specifically for a local brother and sister having a “hot-diggity dog” Double party.

Today I’m sharing the free printable version of the Happy Birthday Banner that was made to coordinate with the rest of the printable party goods.

What You Need:
– White Cardstock
– Yarn/string
– Glue (I highly recommend hot glue & gun)
– Downloadable Mickey and Minnie Happy Birthday Banner

It is so easy to assemble, simply print out on white cardstock, cut out along the lines, fold over the top and glue to string (you can follow the simple instructions here.
DIY Mickey Birthday Banner

When you are done you have an awesome and custom Happy Birthday Banner!
Free Printable Mickey Mouse Party Birthday Banner

Adorable! and Easy, Right!? I am just loving clubhouse colors. If the download isn’t working, please let me know, so I can use my mouseketools to fix it! I would LOVE to hear from you if you benefit from this free party! Or see your party goods in action!

Oh Toodles. Time to go nurse the princess back to sleep. Stinker.

{Mix & Match} Printable Mickey Mouse Party Bunting

Free printable mickey bunting

It’s going to be a week full of Mickey & Minnie Mouse cuteness. Just a recap, this specific party was designed for a brother & sister celebrating their birthdays with a joint party. So the decorations needed to be appropriate for a boy and girl. I shared some easy Mickey Mouse party hats yesterday, don’t forget to check them out.

Today, I’m sharing some easy to make, printable bunting/banner. I provided each color on a separate page so you can mix and match the colors in a way that coordinates with your party! (colors included: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow & Pink.

What You Need:
The Downloadable PDF Mickey Mouse Party Bunting
White Cardstock
Glue (I recommend Hot glue)

First, print and cut out the bunting pieces. Fold the tops of the banner pieces over and arrange in an order that makes you happy. Apply Glue to the back of your folded “flap”, place your yarn flush with the folded crease and secure the “flap” down until the glue is cool. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Just kidding, just repeat! 😉
DIY mickey banner

When you’re done, you have an adorable, handmade (YES, it counts as handmade!) party banner. 🙂

mickey mouse diy bunting

Don’t forget to check out all the Mickey and Minnie Printables from the past week. They are (in my opinion) Super Cute!

If you’re able to incorporate any of these party printables into your party I would LOVE to hear from you! It’s the only way I know if people are using what I’m posting, and I hope you are!

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DIY Simple Heart Garland

DIY heart garland
Since it’s nearly Valentine’s Day, I figured it’s time to put some sort of décor up in the house. I would’ve simply glued the hearts onto my string (on the back of the hearts). But while cleaning out my “craft room” I found these cute mini clothespins, And I couldn’t find anymore glue sticks. So I improvised. Here’s How.

diy heart bunting

What You Need:
Paper (I used some brown lunch sacks and scrap paper I had on hand)
String (you could use anything from twine, yarn, ribbon, etc)
Mini clothespins

This is so Easy, seriously. Cut out a heart that you like size wise. Trace it onto your paper and cut out.
diy heart garland1

Once cut, simply pin your hearts to your string, spacing evenly throughout. et voila! A lovely heart garland in minutes!

Don’t forget to check out the mustache valentines I made with the kids this year, I included the printable so you can too!


How I Built a Giant Flower Wall (as cheaply as possible)

DIY Giant Flower Wall

In a previous post, I broke down my method for making these pretty petals. But only used one petal shape. I have since been asked numerous times to give more specifics and share info on 1) How I made all the different flower types 2) How I constructed the wall itself.

I am going to break it down as best I can, I sadly didn’t take many pictures in the building process (I didn’t anticipate this site at that point)

First things first, you will want to familiarize yourself with my flower making method. I used the same general method for every petal shape, and made each flower unique by varying a few different things.  1) I would change the direction in the way I was rolling the petals, some I rolled forward, others backwards, creating a completely different looking flower, out of the same shape.  2.) If you’ve seen the tutorial, (which is probably overdue for a proof read and good edit), But you’ll know I make little flaps on the bottom of the petals, the flaps overlap and create tension in your petal, the bigger the overlap, the taller and stiffer your petals will stand. If your flaps barely overlap, your petals will be more on the droopy side. 3.) I would adjust the flower’s “fullness”, using less layers of petals on some flowers than others.

Ok. A few others general tips for making a mass quantity of flowers.

1.) Don’t worry about each flower being perfect and amazing. It is the sheer quantity of flowers that give this backdrop it’s gravitas. I definitely learned this the hard, slow way. Make them pretty, be happy with them, but they don’t have to be p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

2.) Don’t be afraid to go BIG. For my large flowers, I would use the entire sheet of paper for one petal, The bigger the flowers, the less you ultimately have to make.

3.) I didn’t bother tracing and cutting, the tracing is a waste of time, I used 6 reams of paper for this 6ft x 9ft wall, it’s a lot of cutting. *see tip  #1 regarding perfection

So here is a basic sketch of the petal shapes I used, and a “flower by numbers” sort of picture, to help you identify how I altered the flowers.


sketch petals 2


Ok. So for the basic construction of the wall.

I built the wall out of six sheets of foam (I recommend at least inch and half thick for sturdiness). Each foam sheet was 3x4ft. Ultimately, I created two “mini walls” that were made to butt up next to each other, this allowed for easier transport of the wall. Each “mini wall” was made of three foam sheets. I glued the edges together, and braced the seams with popsicle sticks (because that’s what I had on hand).

you can find large foam sheets at any menards/lowes type of store, just ask, you may find them in the “insulation” area.


Here is a picture of one “mini wall” in progress. I mass produced flowers, then would lay them out and rearrange them until I liked how they fit. For flowers that had dramatically less depth than others, were mounted on top of another small piece of foam, to give it added height.

iphone 101

DIY flower wall

As I completed more flowers, I started standing the wall upright and working on it that way. This thing was so durable, I knocked it over multiple times, and it always held up. (And I Know for a fact that it has held up through quite a bit at a wonderful photography studio.) I simply hot glued the flowers directly onto the foam, and used crumpled tissue paper and tissue paper poms to use a filler. I would tuck it behind small gaps in the flowers. Easy and Cheap, and by that time, you will not want to make another flower 😉

iphone 170

If you want to check out how this flower wall was used, you can check out the original post and flower tutorial {HERE} And DON’t FORGET to check out the Amazing Erica McCauley Birth Photography, She is an inspiring woman, mother, and photographer. She has this humbling way of giving you the warm tinglies. Check her out!

Now! I wanted to share a little tip that I was given by a lovely woman, she was the first to ask for detailed flower instructions. She was creating flowers for her daughter’s wedding. She worked so hard and did a tremendous job. So I figured I’d give her a crafty shout out and share her awesome tip.

Barb’s tip is to use paper plates as the base of your flowers, they are perfect circles, and sturdier than just the paper, so if you are making an arch or other “nonwall” type of piece, your flowers have a little more durability and structure! What a great tip, right!?

here’s a bouquet she made all on her own, beautiful huh!? And then the arch she made using my basic tutorial, and these same tips. Way to go, she did fabulous!

I Now Pronounce You[1]



Alright! Now it’s time to wrap it up, To all those who have been patiently waiting for me to post this, thank you for waiting, I Hope it all makes sense. I’d love to see how your paper flowers turn out! Try to capture a nice image and send it my way!

DIY Burlap Banner with Bird Silhouettes & Easy No-Fray Solution

DIY burlap Banner

So I love the look and texture of burlap, but it can, quite frankly be a pain in the toosh to work with. I am all about saving time and money, and although I consider myself somewhat crafty, I can’t seem to figure out how to rethread my sewing machine for the life of me. So sewing burlap, which I understand to be a tish more difficult, was definitely out of the question. I came up with a super easy solution! seriously. So easy.

What You Need:

– Burlap

– Elmer’s glue/decoupage

– Yarn

– Hot glue & gun

– Fabric – if you plan on dressing it up

First things first, you need to decide how big you want your banner pieces or “pennants” to be. Once you have your “template” cut out, you will lay out your burlap, and trace your template pieces with a marker. (I didn’t do this step, but I recommend it. I wish I would have.)

Take your glue, decoupage, or other clear drying adhesive 😉 and brush it over your burlap, along all the edges of your banner pieces. Let dry and cut out. Easy Peasy.


For this banner, I used bird silhouettes that I hand drew. I traced them onto the back side of my fabric and cut out. I  applied hot glue completely around the outside edge on the backside of bird and carefully placed it onto my burlap, making sure it was nice and flat as I adhered, making sure to press down on the cooling glue, getting it as flat as possible.

DIY Bird Banner

Once done with your pennant pieces completely, grab your yarn, flip over your burlap and apply a strip of hot glue along the top, about a half inch from the top of your burlap. Place your yarn on the glue, and fold the burlap over top of the yarn (you may have to apply another strip of glue over the yarn) Hold tight to secure until your glue cools and move onto the next piece. Remember to try to keep your banner pennants equally spaced as you move through your assembly.


Et voila! you’re done! And I’m positive that it looks amazing! 🙂 Not to mention, your Elmer’s glue/decoupage should be completely invisible yet protect your banner from becoming frayed and worn for a l.o.n.g time to come.  I told you it was easy!

jan 2014 014 (2)

If you have any questions! please let me know! and don’t forget to check out all the other easy and cheap DIY’s on the page, Not to mention the free party printables!


Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Bunting

DIY Scrap Fabric Bunting
Hello All! So I wish I had more hours in the day to work and keep up with getting some more easy to accomplish content up, I just have to much to do. I’m currently working on a project for a fellow crafter and woman entrepreneur. She reclaims barn wood and turns them into custom signs and other lovely repurposed wood items. She was looking for some décor to dress up her craft show booth. She specifically requested some fabric bunting in her package. I’ve made them many times for other party packages, but since I’m at it again, I might as well get an easy tutorial up! It is seriously the easiest thing ever!

What You Need
Fabric – I used some newly purchased fabric (I purchased 1/3 of a yard of each color, and had I some extra leftover at the end) and also used some scrap fabric I had at home, I would guess 1.5-2 yards of fabric total should be enough for a long buffet type table, but it all depends on the length & width of your strips and how “full” you want your bunting to be.

The First Step is a simple one, Cut your fabric. I usually cut a paper strip for measuring, just to keep my fabric strips close in size. I also cut about 4 layers at a time, they don’t have to be perfect and cutting more than one layer at once can be a real time saver.
scrap fabric bunting

Once I get them cut, I usually arrange them into an order that I’m pleased with aesthetically, and place my piles of fabric strips in that same order for easy assembly.

Take your first strip, and place it as I have in the photo, with the loop end at the Top, and the two fabric ends at the bottom. Place your string over the fabric, pull the two ends up and through your “loop” gently. I have found that if you hold down your string as you pull the fabric through, the process is a little quicker.DIY Scrap Bunting

When you get to the end of pulling your looped fabric, pull the string taut horizontally (this helps with the little “Knot” thingy) and move onto the next color in your pattern! It really is so easy!

DIY Scrap Bunting

If after a few fabric pieces, it looks something like this, you are on a roll!

DIY Scrap Fabric bunting

When I reached this point, I decided that I was going to use a little burlap as well, so I cut strips of burlap, a tish thinner than the fabric ones, and spaced them with two fabric strips in between each burlap strip.
Here’s what it looked like completed.

fabric banner

Before I finish and say Thank You for stopping by, I would love to hear what you guys think of what I’m doing so far, I love hearing from you party-people in e-mails and through your lovely comments. Truly.


DIY Tassel Bunting with Lace Accents

DIY tassel Banner

Tissue paper is such an inexpensive and effective way to create so many different party decorations. This type of tassel bunting has been seen all over the place, but I made them a little different than others by using some lacey trim to secure and wrap the tops. You could use coordinating ribbon, yarn, or cute string also. Here’s my easy version and tutorial!

What You Need
Tissue Paper
Lace Trim/Ribbon/Pretty String
Glue/Glue Gun

First, you are going to take a section of your tissue paper (I folded mine in half, and then cut it down the middle, you don’t need a ton of paper for each tassel.) Cut it fringe style, leaving a bit at the top uncut.
Tissue paper tassel tutorial

Next, separate your layers of tissue, one at a time, lay out flat, and gently roll it up the middle.

Once rolled, take your tassel, and twist the center.

Alright, you’re almost there. Take your string that you are using to attach your tassels on, fold over your twisted tassel (I apply a dollop of glue, just to keep it secure) Then take your lacey trim (or whatever you’re using). Lightly glue it to the back of your tassel, wrap tightly and secure again on the back.
Rinse, lather, repeat. Just kidding, just repeat and You’re done! Couldn’t be easier! I hope this helps someone make something awesome! I would LOVE to hear from you! Comments are so lovely!