A Little Man Mustache Bash

A Little Man Mustache Bash

I know the excitement here in my little corner of the internet has been quiet, but trust me, I have been a busy bee. Stretched thin and definitely feeling worn down. But I am super excited for some upcoming changes and other good stuff I have to share. For now, a little walk down memory lane.

My nephew was turning 5, and per usual, I immediately offered to help plan and decorate for his special day. My sister in law decided that a “Little Man/Mustache Bash” was an appropriate theme for her little man.

The Party was held at a local hotel with small “indoor waterpark” that consists of some slides and a kiddie pool. ( The pool had an “upper deck” that was divvied into sections for separate parties, each rented out at a ridiculously high rate. Also, the only food “allowed” was pizza ordered through an affiliate of theirs. (Of course, I managed to talk my way into getting a few things in. I was unaware of all the “rules” and played the pity card. Not to mention it’s 97 degrees and 300% humidity, but I digress.  (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate hotel/pool parties, this particular one, is just unbearable for an adult to sit through for more than 20 minutes.. But the kids love it. what’dya do.)

Anywho, back to the shin dig. So As always, the budget was small, and by small I mean tiny. I had a three month old on my hip (moby wrap actually) and a lot to do in the couple weeks I had to prep.  Here’s what I came up with.

I made my own set of Mustache Props and Clip On Bowties (no sew, of course) for the party guests, I will share a DIY for both soon.

Little Man/Mustache Bash

Little Man/Mustache Bash

The mustaches are in a Mason Jar that I lined with cute paper and modge podge. I wrapped the top with some leftover fabric and a bowtie, et voila. It’s adorable! Not to mention the adorable bowtie favor bags for {Distinguished Guests} to take home!

The Snacks we “snuck in” included veggie cups, fruit salad, bottled water, and cupcakes (which were allowed)

Little Man Party FoodThe Backdrop was made from paper bowties and mustaches I traced & cut out by hand, then hot glued string (sewing thread to be exact) onto the back.

There was also a photo booth made from crepe paper that I fringe cut. And the candy wrappers were scrapbook paper that I printed mustaches onto with my home printer and wrapped around little Hershey bars.

Little Man / Mustache Bash DIY

And for the Photo Booth.

Little Man Photobooth

And here’s “The Sheriff”, our own little man, and myself, taking our turn saying “cheeeeese”. (Can you tell we have a thing for temporary tattoos?)

Little Man DIY Photo Booth

And I’m super excited to share that Jillian from Catch My Party, who is a contributor for Spoonful, has featured a photo of this party in her most recent article on Spoonful all about celebrating your “little man”. I’ll get the link posted as soon as I can find it.. I’m a little frazzle dazzled at the moment!

And as always, I so appreciate you taking the time to look around I hope you have found something that can inspire a creation for your shin-dig! Tootles Party People!